AI Driven & Intelligent Retail

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • AR-VR-MR
  • IoT
  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics

inTAIL  is the annual International B2B
Conference and Industry Innovation Expo
event aiming to become a recognized knowledge
sharing platform for the Retail Industry’s leading companies

6th November 2018, Milan


AI Driven & Intelligent Retail

inTAIL  is the annual International B2B
Conference and Industry Innovation Expo event aiming to become a recognized knowledge sharing platform for the Retail Industry’s leading companies

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If you are interested in exhibiting at the inTail 2018 contact us and we will be in touch soon with further details. Space are limited and are filling up quickly


Each inTail ticket provides:
1. access to all conference presentations 
2. access to the exhibition expo, show-case and demos 
3.  All post conference material including presentations and collateral 4. Access to the Networking Party.


Show-case, live demos, exclusive talks and clinics with AI experts, networking breaks with keynote speakers, to really understand how new technologies will change the business.

 6th NOVEMber 2018 – Milan

The new scenario

Artificial Intelligence as rapidly demonstrating to be a real game changer for the Retail industry, independently from target markets and industry sectors, introducing a complete change of paradigm: from “big data speaks information” to “the market of a single customer”, from “the world of Intelligent Things” to “robots at the retail floor” – the retail business will never be the same, the AI Retail Revolution is knocking at our doors! Let’s discuss together how AI can become a coherent part of the Retail strategies, risks and challenges faced with implementation, along with the advantages, and finally how the AI can be effectively monetized.

Conference Format

The focus will be on practical analysis, high level presentations, real life examples and hands on advice from business leaders, discussing how they are benefiting from the advances of AI.

It’s a call to action for the international retailers and their potential business and technology partners- come and see, tell your story, be heard and understood, share and showcase, listed and talk about the industry best practices and implementation cases from the real innovators, understand new technologies and discover new market strategies: come to “touch” the industry innovation and meet those who already makes it happen.

From the Industry’s state of the art, analytics and strategy, to the real practical implementation show cases, as a first hands message.

From Conference to individual seminars and private talks- everything to push your business at a high speed to the era of In-(telligent) Retail.

Why to attend

Subscription to inTail as a visitor is by invitation.

TheSubscription of vendors, agencies, start-ups, consulting and services is admitted as a partner or exhibitor and selected through the “call for” that will be launched in the coming days to select the most innovative projects at international level.

Are you a top Manager or a Startupper, a key Decision Maker/ CxO or Technology Professional, working in or with Retail (any sector, such a Apparel, GDO, Electronics, or Digital Services), this event is not to miss, in order to be perfectly tuned into the world of innovation on each and every level.

This event is a must attend for any retail business that is currently trying to understand how AI will affect their company.

6TH NOVEMBER 2018 – Milan


H. 10.00


How AI will change the Retail forever.
Chairman’s opening remarks and welcome.

AI as a major opportunity to transform Retail sector. Realising the potential of AI. Helping businesses to be more efficient. Adaptation challenges and strategies.

  • AI as a New Strategy for ANY business.
  • AI adaption in Retail
  • The new Data, AI and Services Driven Economy”
  • Privacy, Transparency, Ethics: AI & ethics, Retail Privacy – GDPR
  • Investments in AI: VC, M&A in Retail
H. 11.00

Refreshments & Expo Hall Time

H. 11.30

Algorithms & Data Driven Retail

  • Big data to Data Science
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Computer Vision, Visual Discovery, Images Recognition
  • Algorithms, Tools and Platforms
H. 12.15

Digital Transformation & Future Commerce

  • Social Commerce, AI Driven Advertising, Influencer Marketing
  • CRM strategies, Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction
  • 3D Commerce, Product Personalization, Virtual Fitting Rooms
  • Digital Payments, Smart Pricing
  • Content Intelligence, Content Marketing, Digital Disruption

H. 13.00

Free Lunch

H. 14.00

New Customer & Shopping Experience

  • AI Driven Customer Experience Design
  • AI Recommendations: Visual Search, Computer Vision, Image/Video Recognition
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality,
  • Rise of Virtual Shopping Assistants: Conversational AI, Virtual Assistants
H. 15.30

Refreshments & Expo Hall Time

H. 16.00

Store of the Future

  • Biometric Systems, 3D scanners, Virtual Mirrors
  • Retail Floor Automation, Cashless payments
  • Smart Devices, Robots and Self-Service Kiosks
  • Automated Stores
  • IoT, Smart Tags, Smart SensorsSmart Devices
H. 17.30

Visioning & Dreaming

Chairman’s closing remarks

H. 18.00

Cocktails & Networking

Europe’s largest congress centre

Mico. Milan.

Launched in 2002 and doubled in size in 2005, the current extension (2011) places MiCo – Milano Congressi among the largest conference facilities in Europe and worldwide. Designed by Mario Bellini, it’s able to accommodate up to 18,000 people in 70 or so fully appointed conference rooms with permanent control booth.

Featuring two plenary rooms, one with seating for 4,000 and the other for 2,000 and an Auditorium that seats 1,500, it is the ideal venue for large-scale performances and for international conferences requiring a large number of rooms. In the same way, the exhibition halls offer 54,000 sq.m of exhibition space and can also be set up as extra plenary rooms accommodating more than 5,000 people.

The conference rooms feature the full range of technologies: video projector, sound system, translator booths, fixed video cameras, closed circuit TV, Wi-Fi internet access and optical fiber cables.

All of this in downtown Milan, with a parking lot for more than 1,100 cars, a heliport and direct access to Milan’s future subway line 5.


Mico. Milan.


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